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Talapatram is a Microsoft Windows based software for displaying dynamic on-screen keyboard layouts for all widely used Indian Languages, like, Bengali, English, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. It is also a text editor where you can Type, Edit and Save text in any combinations of the Indian Languages mentioned above.

You TYPE DIRECTLY in the language you wanted. It is not a transliterator where you type in English for the software to translate that english text into your language. This type of transliterating is not a natural way of entering text, in any language. Using Talapatram you can DIRECTLY type in any of the languages mentioned above. It is a Virtual Keyboard for Indian Languages. Know More.

  • It is the First Ever Low-Cost Desktop Application which provides on-screen Indian Languages' Keyboard Layouts along with the ability to edit and save text.

  • Keyboard Layouts that Talapatram displays are the standard keyboard layouts that are used all over the world for those respective languages. For example, keyboard layout for Hindi in 'Talapatram' is same as keyboard layout that used to be for Hindi mechanical TypeWriter machines. So there is no learning curve involved in it for people who already knew typewriting in their own languages.

  • You can very EASILY and INSTANTLY switch between different langauges' keyboard layouts and type in respective languages DIRECTLY.

  • It's importance lies in its usage of native Windows based Unicode Fonts that are installed on your PC. It provides the functionality to type text in multiple Indian Languages and save it in a single text file, which can later be copied into any of the advanced word-processing applications like MS-Word.

  • It is an application which spunned out of my curiosity and interest in preparing documents in Indian Languages like Hindi and Telugu.

  • It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows based PC's on which Supplemental Language Support is Turned ON.

  • All the text that you see in the Top Banner of this website and all indic text on these pages is prepared using 'Talapatram'.

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Talapatram is compatible with all Microsoft Windows based PC's on which Windows XP(SP2) with MS Office XP or MS-Office 2003 or later are installed and Supplemental Language Support is Turned ON. This is because Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP/2003 comes with Unicode Fonts for all Indian Languages and Supplemental Language Support loads system support for Typing in Indian Languages using Standard English (UK/US) keyboard. Talapatram's requirements are,

  • Unicode Fonts.
    If you have Windows XP / MS-Office XP / MS-Office 2003 or later, you will automatically have these fonts installed on your system. Know More About This.

  • Supplemental Language Support should be Turned ON. It is a very simple step. Click Here For Details.

  • Windows XP(SP2) or later.

This software is self-explanatory, self-learning and very much end-user oriented.

Have a look at Sample Screen Shots.

Want to use?

Using Talapatram,

  • You can have on-screen keyboard layouts for all, most widely used, Indian Languages.

  • You can switch between different languages' keyboard layouts INSTANTLY.

  • You can Type, Edit and Save text.

  • You can Type and Save text in more than one Indian Languages with on-screen keyboard layouts.

  • You can simply Copy the text you typed and Paste it in any other application for further processing. Eg., MS-Word.

  • You can save text from Talapatram in simple text files with UTF-8 encoding (cross-platform Unicode encoding).


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