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Topic 1

Will India be India?

Two days ago I spoke to a journalist from Hindustan Times, who finished his Masters in Political Economics from my university, that is the University of Hull. Somehow we got into discussion about india while watching news and that journalist's views on the future of India are as below

"India will not be india, the south will be separated. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh will separate from india. Kashsmir will be an independent it will not be either in the control of India or in the control of Pakistan. Punjab will get separated."

I was just shocked, and thought he might be in some vigorous mood, but it did not take more than a second for me to realise that he is not in a vigorous mood and that he is in a pleasant and soothing mood. I asked him to justify.

His justifications are as below,
"Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will shoot themselves into the future and develop rapidly in all aspects. Kerala NRIs make it a a state of richers," and he said, "people in all these states dont want to pay any money as tax to the central government from where that money will be spent on developing that parts of India, where a family has seven children and where that family head can't even afford a single meal for one child of him for one day.

The seven Notrth-Eastern states remain as it is, no body cares about them. Some parts of India develop rapidly while some remain like a stone-throw places. This imbalance will not let anyone be happy. People in developing parts will not be happy as they are paying for someone who doesn't know how to develop themselves or who doesn't have any resources to develop themselves. people in underdeveloped parts of India will not be happy as they dont have anything that keeps them happy. So, the vanity of Mother India breaks."

"The whole concept of India is not at all there. The concept of India was there during the reign of Chandragupta Mourya, circa 4th century B.C. Even Chakravarthy Ashoka did not had all present day parts of india in his kingdom. Tamil Nadu and parts of kerala (present day names) are not part of his kingdom (Bharat). So, this concept of India has been formed by people in the modern times. so, it might not last long," he added.

He said very confidently, "See what happens in the future."
I am not sure why he is that confident, I guess his wit made him that confident on his thoughts. So will we be seeing India broken? A separate Kashmir, a separate Punjab, a separate South India! Will India be India?

Who knows!... Time decides. But in my view time is in our hands and we are the ultimate creatures on this planet that can persuade its consequences and I am sure India will always remain united and develop in all aspects; economically, socially, culturally and politically. It is an ultimate paradigm on earth for true democracy, cultural and religious integrity. What ever might be this jounalist's view, I believe and I am hundred percent confident that India will thrive with prosperity, unity and integrity forever.

-V Rama Aravind, Aug, 2004.

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