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Topic 15

Nothing is Ineligible for writing

Nothing is Ineligible for writing is my this fortnight's topic as there aren't any other topics that I found to keep for it.

Because there isn't anything that is ineligible to write about, I chose to write about something when you don't have anything to write about! that is, nothing.

Confusing? no surprise if you are. I too exclaimed a bit before writing it.

So, below is what I am writng about nothing.

Nothing is our life, nothing is our existence, nothing is our world and universe. Just close your eyes for a while, what you see is nothing. That is the actual world that we live in, 'nothing'.

Everything around us is just a materialistic existence of our desire and lust. Indulge in it but don't trust it. Live with & in it but don't let it make you live. See it, feel it and experience it but don't cultivate it in you.

Cultivate the 'nothingness' and 'no oneness' instead of materialistic desires.

When you do it, you will experience 'nothing' and then you will realise that what you are living in is 'nothing' and the 'nothing' that you were thinking is 'everything', your life, your spirit, your devotion, your God and finally your goal to achieve 'salvation'.

V Rama Aravind.

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