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Topic 17

My Country

Oh my country, Oh my country, what happened to You?
You were the richest, You were the greatest, You were the prosperous,
You were the devotional, You were the salvational, You were the sacrificial.
What happened to You?

Where is the wrong? is it in us, your children, or is this Your intention?
illiterates are in You, malnutritious are in You, superstitious are in You, corrupted are in You and neglecting are in You
How are You bearing all in You along with Your true children

Are You taking a new form, are You loosing your great heritage,
Are You changing it or are You vanishing forever

Where are You going, where are You going.

I am with You, the prodigy, You do not worry.

Cultivate sincerity, discipline, humbleness, loyalty and devotion in all Your children

let them be inspired to make You a torch for the whole world.

I am with You, Oh my country, I am with You.

Written by: V Rama Aravind,
Posted on: 2005-12-13

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