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Topic 24



Where are You My Lord? Where are You?

I have searched for You In temples and ashrams
In masjids and minars But, I failed to feel You.

I have searched for You In churches and chapels
In gurudwaras and gopurams But, I failed to absorb You.

I have searched for You In discourses and bhajans
In meditations and murthis But, I failed to invoke You.

I have searched for You In mountains and valleys
In forests and caves But, I failed to see You.

I have searched for You In Rivers and rivulets
In brooks and lakes But, I failed to to trace You.

I have searched for You In flowers and fragrances
In the universe and ether But, I failed to know You.

I have searched for You In swamis and sadhus
In gurus and samadhis But, I failed to hold on to You.

I have searched for You In retreats and resolutions
In resorts and rationalization But, I failed to meet You.

I have searched for You Everywhere day and night
It is now beyond my imagination Reveal Yourself Oh my Lord!

Ah! You are here my Lord, within Me! Just waiting for me to open up to You
Yes, You will not reveal to half-hearted efforts Unless I submit myself by thought, word and action.

My Lord! You are within me But, fool am I that
I searched for you outside Without giving up what I am holding on
And living up to your expectation. Due to my ignorance and arrogance
I falied to enjoy Your love for me so far You are just waiting for my correct moves
To take me into Your lap.

Thank You My Lord! for the transformation Now, I can see You clearly
In every beam of Sun-rays In every moon-lit night In every flower In every smile
In everything animate and inanimate In fact, You Are and nothing else. Thank You My Lord for Your Blessings and Love.

Contributed by: Paritala Gopikrishna,
Source: Sai Vichaar, Thursday, March 23, 2006 :: Volume 8, Issue 45.

V Rama Aravind,
Posted on: 2006-04-01

All rights over this poem are vested with the original publishers and authors from the source mentioned above. I just published it on my web as a service to My Lord, Sri Shiridi Saibaba.


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