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Topic 36

Don't put Bhagwadgita picture in your home

It was my journey in a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to London on the 1st of October, 2006, a day before Dasara. To pass the time I started surfing the Jet Aiways in-air magazine. It had many articles about wide variety of things ranging from hotels to market finance in India. Of all those one article caught my eye and it was titled something like, "The Bhagwadgita (of home)". I started reading it being curious of what they had presented in it. Here is what I found.

There is a well-being family somewhere in Mumbai. The family is prosperous and are liviging without any major problems. Once a visitor (a friend of that house-wife) has come to visit her (the wife in the family) and being a close friend of her started asking her about her relationship with her husband and how well it is going on. Wife hesitantly said before her that the relationship is well and good but there are frequent quarrels between them for something or the other taking peace out from both of their minds (wife and husband). She said that after a day full of work her husband never used to feel peaceful at home and that this behaviour of him is bringing on constant quarrels between them.

The visitor, after a pityful look, said that she is guessing that she would say something like this. The wife immediately become very curious about this and asked, "why is it so?".

The visitor looked at a picture hanging on the wall and said, "This is the reason, the picture of Lord Krishna blessing Arjuna to go on fight with his relatives, after preaching Bhagwadgita". It was shocking for the wife too. How can be this picture of Lord Krishna responsible for these troubles? If so, there are so many people around the country and in fact around the world who has this in their homes and at other places!

The visitor replied saying that it is true. This is the picture of God making his disciple to proceed for a war on his own relatives. People keep this picture in their homes witout grasping this and some even pray it. She exclaimed, how can a picture of God blessing his disciple to kill his relatives can bring peace in the home! She said all other photos of Lord Krishna can be prayed for and kept in homes but not this particular one.

Saying this, she took that picture and went to a near by Krishna Temple and gave it to them. The observing thing is that from the day that picture was taken off from that house, both wife and husband starting feeling peace of mind without any quarrels between them.

Reading this, I too got convinced of it. I too think it is true. I think it is not about God and Devotion, but just somethings have to be believed like that. Not like a superstition but based on facts. But this shouldn't hinder our devotion and belief on God. He is great. Believe Him and have utmost faith in Him and rest happens for Good.

V Rama Aravind.
Posted on:2006-10-16.

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