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Topic 39

Living Energy of Universe

Does the equation E=MC2 confine only to physical lifeless objects or does it correspond to each and every object in this universe, whether with life or without life.

With the discovery of Energy (e) it came to the knowledge of every one that every object in this universe has enormous amount of energy packed into them. There is energy stored in a piece of paper, in a flake of grass, in a seed, in a flower and similarly in our body, in our eyes, in our brain, in each and every cell of our body.

Hold this on one side, on the other side, there was another great invention, that is, every object has mass in it. And the mass is neither created nor destroyed. The total amount of mass is always the same. Mass can be transformed from one form to another form. It can change its state, but it never vanishes and never can new mass be created.

It is well established that these two items, Energy and mass are one and the same and mutually transferable. If a body has some mass, it has Energy, and similarly if something has energy in it, it has mass.

These two are related by one constant, that is the speed of light squared, which resulted in the equation E=MC2, telling that every object has energy equal to C2 times of its mass. This is a well established equation and let’s just keep it aside for a while and think more generally about mass and energy alone.

There is one thing the present equation does not address of. That is ‘life’. Life is the most important ingredient of this universe. Consider life as a part of energy that formed the whole universe. Life has forms. It has numerous forms. It exists in the form of plants, animals and micro-organisms on our planet.

All these forms of life are parts of one huge form of energy. Hence, life has also energy in it. The same amount of huge energy is packed in to a cell of living body as the amount of energy packed into an atom of uranium.

So, this energy or in its another form, mass, can never be destroyed according to the laws of physics and is a well-proved fact and also no energy is never created either. So, we can firmly decide that our universe had the same amount of energy now, as it had a trillion years ago and in fact as it was before the big-bang. Keeping this in mind and seeing that the population on our planet is more than doubled in the past century, can make a feeling that is this causing any imbalance in our form of universe. This can be conceived up to an extent by taking life into consideration in our equation.

So, what might happen when living this die? A plant, an animal, a man what ever the form of life is.

One basic fact is the form of life or the biologically existing form decomposes and decays. So, where does the energy packed in it go? Here is the answer; the energy in the living body is transformed into the five basic elements of our universe. They are, air, water, soil, fire and at the last but not the least ‘vacuum’.

So, energy in living bodies is being transformed into energy in the form of five basic elements of the universe. So, if living bodies are transformed into these five basic elements of universe, are the living bodies formed with the cohesion of these five basic elements? Yes. There is no reason to disagree. Only thing is, it has to be proved scientifically.

The final important thing. The whole mass or energy that is present in our universe has never changed. It is the same now as it was before the big-bang had occurred.

Mass within the universe changes. It changes form, but it is neither destroyed nor created. The same applies to life. It is neither destroyed nor created.

Living bodies transform from one form to another form, but the life within do exists at all times.

Now, the question is how does life transform from one form to another? From energy which has all five elements in it, into masses that are torn-apart parts of the huge energy, into life where again all are unified into masses that are torn-apart parts of energy and again into a huge ball of energy. Where does the cycle start and where does it end. Does it has any end?

V Rama Aravind
Posted on: 2006-12-01

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