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Topic 6

Telengana - Its Concerns

There has been a good number of debates about this issue both with in Andhra Pradesh and out of Andhra Pradesh. The result of all of them is always confusing, some say it is necessary, some say it is truly political and some say it is inevitable!

But if you would like to, read my opinion on it.

We have divided ourselves based on religion, we have divided ourselves based on languages, we classified among ourselves based on caste and other un-necessary sectors. Now, is it necessary to divide ourselves based on regional dialects? NO.

I had implicitly gathered different reasons that different people say about the Telengana partition. They are like this, according to those people,

  • (1) the reason that people from Coastal Andhra Pradesh are overwhelmingly settling in Hyderabad, the state's capital,
  • (2) the reason that those people are securing more jobs in Hyderabad than anyone else,
  • (3) the reason that undeveloped and developing regions of Northern Andhra Pradesh are being neglected by the government,
  • (4) the reason that poor people in these Northern districts of Andhra Pradesh are not getting enough funds,
  • (5) and finally the reason that people from coastal Andhra Pradesh and Southern Andhra Pradesh have different dialects to that of Northern Andhra Pradesh.

Although not all of them, some of the above things are true. There is no false in these claims, except the second one that I mentioned above. But, why do we have to divide ourselves only for these reasons. If division is the only way out, then one day we have to create a state for each and every citizen in Bharat. Because each and everyone has their own problems and government (that is, we) can't address every person's problems individually.

I justify my point by saying the below things.

If people from coastal and other parts of Andhra Pradesh are settling in more numbers in Hyderabad, it is due to the fact that it is a rapidly growing city and one cannot stop these settlements as, it is in the very nature of human beings to migrate to places in search of good lives and good career. People from Bharat are also going and settling in USA and other countries worldwide. Then what about them. Shall they have to be driven back by people of those countries!

If people from other parts of Andhra Pradesh than from the northern districts are getting more jobs, then it is due to the fact that people are desperately searching for placements based upon their high qualifications. At the same time people from Northern Districts are also getting good jobs. All of my friends who are native of Northern Districts of Andhra Pradesh are in good positions now, working in firms like TATA Elsxi, Satyam, Wipro and etc. So, I strongly object this reason.

If the undeveloped and developing regions of Andhra Pradesh are being neglected by the government, then claims are to be raised with the government. We have a well-established and well-structured constitution. Some great minds have combinedly framed out constitution and it gave us all the rights and freedom to have our grieviances put in the front of government. So, what I say is, does creation of a new state solve these problems. No. Infact it gives birth to new problems like sectorial and regional differences.

Recently, I read in "THE HINDU" that film actress vijayashanti is going to launch a new political party for the sake of poor and deprived in the Northern Districts of Andhra Pradesh and fight for a separate Telengana state. Her justification is that, a woman in a remote area in one of the Northern Districts sold her baby just for Rs.200/- and so this actress is claiming that a new state has to be created for their development. This appeared like a humour to me. I am not offending any one by saying this. I will justify it. If a woman did this thing, does it have to be a reason for creation of a new state? There are so many social welfare organisations, charitbale organisations which can take this issue to the sight of government and give her justice and shelter. We are a great democratic institution, and government is for the people and our constitution gave all rights for us to do justice to deprived people. And also there are so many poor people facing problems like this all around India. Some are getting better and some are not. Shall a new state has to be created for each one of them? The poverty that is present in Bharat before some decades was far greater than what is there now. Situation has improved in Bharat and will do in the future.

If we divide Andhra Pradesh into two states, not only we will not be able to solve the problem, but we will create regional differences with in the hearts of people living there.

Funds to the development of poor in our country has never been fallen short of. There might be some miscripancies in their distribution, but that is again a problem that people has to tackle with local governments. One shouln't say that, "funds are not coming to us, give us a separate state we will use our own funds then". Just think, how far this is reasonable. One of my friends said this some years ago. That's why I addressed this here.

And finally the language, I have heard of people saying that people from other parts of Andhra Pradesh coming to Hyderabad and other Northern Districts of the state, are spoiling thier language by bringing in their own accents. I strongly condemn this. People from different parts of Andhra Pradesh have different accents. So what. Where there are not different accents. Every language on this planet has more than one accent established by people living in different parts.

As far as Telugu is concerned, the king "Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu" who ruled "Vijayanagara samrajyam" and who is an icon of telugu people, enunciated that Telugu is the sweetest of all Bharatian languages. His statement - "Desa Bhasha landu Telugu Lessa" (Telugu is the sweetest of all Bharatian languages) is well known to all Telugu People. Even Rani "Rudrama Devi" had a lot of interest in Telugu art and poetry.

These are clearly evident in Kakatiyas' Orugallu Fort in Warangal. "Potti Sree Ramulu" who sacrificed his life for the state of Andhra Pradesh is himself a native of Telengana region. He never said or indicated that Telengaga should become a separate state. He encouraged Telugu language and culture as a whole. See, seven colours combine to form a rainbow. If there aren't seven colours in rainbow then where is the beauty in that. The same applies here in our Telugu context also.

The fierceness in Rayalaseema accent, the boldness in Telengana accent, the purity in Coastal accent all combine to give Telugu its liveliness. Our "Bhavakavi" "cinare" (Dr. C. Narayana Reddy) sculptured this into our hearts decades ago. In telugu he says, "Vachindu anna vachaadu anna varaala telugu okate anna" (Vachindu is a Telengana accent word and Vachaadu is a Coastal accent word, he enchants that both beautiful words mean the same thing) in his "Telugu Jathi Manadi" poem. And one has to note that he is a native of rayalaseema. Not Telengana or Coastal area.

So, the only thing that I want to communicate with this is that, We all belong to one family. All of us are sons of Bharata Matha, and if telugu people are concerned all of us are sons of "Telugu Thalli" (Mother Telugu). If creation of new state happens then it is just like drawing borders among brothers of same family, which is not a good indication for what our country has to see in the near future, its development as a developed country.

Let's stay in harmony and peace together and strive for the development of our people and our country so that our "Trivarna Pathakam" (flag) symbolises us and our country proudly on top of the world.

If you have any comments on this or would like to say something about this, then feel free to key in your comments by cliking on the link provided on the right hand side. But keep them minimal please.
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-V Rama Aravind. 17/06/05

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