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Topic 3

Medical Graphics

Computer Graphics, from the time of its birth in Ivan sutherlands thoughts, avalanched at a rate that is far greater than any other field with in the Computer Science.

Computer Graphics made its firm place in Entertainment Industry, Defense Applications (secutiry), Military Simulations, Information Visualization etc., and is now spreading its arms towards Medical Graphcis.

Term Medical Graphics can be grouped under the common term "Scientific Visualization", but, its wide range of applications in the study of Human Anatomy and Desease Diagnosis has made it inevitable to coin a separate term to it, MEDICAL GRAPHICS.

The active area of research is in the study of Brain and Heart. Data that has to be visualised in order to study, will be obtained from MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computerised Tomography) scanners. Both provide functional and structural data, respectively. Both advanced Volume Visualization techniques like Isosurfaces, Voxel visualization and Image Analysis techniques like Image Segmentation, Image Registration are used to visualize the data that is obtained from MRI or CT scanners.

Many Complicated Issues taking from Stimulation caused in brain for various human activities to arrythmia production in heart can be studied and anyalysed using these techniques. For further information about visualization of human brain, Go to Oxford University FMRIB's web pages.

-V Rama Aravind, Oct, 2004.

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