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Topic 5

What is our AIM as Human Beings?

Human Being, the most wonderful creature in this creation, is thriving to discover the starting and end points of his creation. But can he ever be? no, not until the means for attaining it, change.

Why are we born? What is our purpose on the Earth? Why do we die? We will be entangled in these questions if we dare to think about them. But still we are not giving up. Some on Earth are dedicating their whole lives to find a way to get solutions to these questions, but none are succeeding. Is there a problem with the people searching for these solutions? my answer is "no". Then why are we not succeeding?

The answer will be apparent if we try to coalesce all our senses to empower our mind, our thoughts and our cerebrations. The answer lies with in our selves, when we found it, we will be the most blissful beings on Earth and at that time we will realise that the whole thing lies in "Self-Realization" and then rather than explaining it to others, we make them to try for that. Exactly what has been done by many Sadhus and Sants, Lord Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Shiridi Saibaba and everyone in that way.

If we try to swallow the sayings of all the holy books, we can find that, God has no form, he is omnipresent. He is in Us, in our friends, in our foes, in each and every creature on this earth, in each and every atom in this universe, in each and every material on this earth and just we have to realize him and self-realization is one of the many possible ways for that.

We are trying to reach great distances to find out, are we alone in this universe? Its great, but what we are using here are mere man-made space crafts. If one can try to do the same through his Mind, he can not only reach those great distances but he can realize, who he is and why he is here? The answer for the latter is obvious, it is peace and helping nature for fellow beings. For finding answer for the former question, one has to try on his own, which can never be possible for us (human beings) in this material world. But thats what is the AIM of a Human Being, Self-Realization. Apparently we can never achieve it, but atleast we can safeguard the latter, peace and prosperity. Not through armour, but through humanity.

-V Rama Aravind. 01/01/05

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